Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Grimes, Empower Lead Coach and Founder of Evolutionary Consulting and Empower: Tiffany’s focus is to help people understand and manage human behavior through the lens of neuroscience

She became a certified professional coach in 2014 through New Vibe Training, and ICF accredited program in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, by 6/30/2021, Tiffany will have completed additional accreditation through ICF as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). This is a voluntary and rigorous process and is regarded as the gold standard in coaching. Tiffany is also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Specialty Master Trainer through Portland State University’s Oregon Registry Training Program, national presenter, and published author. Grimes also holds a Master’s Degree in Management (MIM) with a focus on organizational development.

Vital to the scope of this work, Tiffany’s background lends to her strength of leading the Empower Team. As an advocate, direct service provider, staff trainer and program leader, she has spent over 20 years creating change and opportunities within workforce development collaborating with businesses, community agencies, and job seekers. Her passion to serve and to create cultures of respect has touched many lives and dramatically changed service models. She has helped to create communities of change where a strong sense of belonging, shared vision, and high emotional intelligence make positive and lasting impacts on organizational culture and business relationships.

Meet Satya

Satya Beneventi, Empower Coach: A Certified Parent Coach and founder of Turning Point Parenting, LLC. As a parent coach she is deeply embedded in interpersonal neurobiology, quantum physics and emotional intelligence.  Satya works with groups, couples and individual coaching to bring out the core essence that lies within each individual allowing the client to realize their full potential while dismantling shame, guilt or deeply engrained subconscious patterns.  Satya shows her clients how to identify and navigate their emotional spectrum to create the life they desire using mindfulness and emotional resiliency.  Satya holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management and minor in Organizational Behavior.  She speaks, consults and hosts parenting webinars for clients all over the world.  Her transformative work was recognized by Dr. Chip R. Bell, customer service guru, in his book Magnetic Service.  

Meet Jefferson

Jefferson Duval, Empower Coach:  Jefferson owns and operates Inside Start., a coaching business that allows clients to reclaim attention, time, and energy. He applies tools from many sources including Clean Language, Narrative Medicine, Metaphors of Movement, Contemplative and Inquiry Practices, Breathwork, Ontological Coaching Approaches, Polyvagal Theory.

His background includes former small business owner, 10 years in Construction and Remodeling, five years as a Certified EMyth Business Coach, two of those years Coaching and mentoring New Coaches. This role gave Jefferson a look behind the curtain of what makes small businesses work, from systems to soft skills, and the work with owners and when appropriate their employees. Jefferson is certified as a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Skills Coach: An approach bringing light to the neurochemistry of conversation, and how that knowledge and empirical awareness can shift not only outcomes, but help people take greater responsibility for their communication, while being effective. He is also a Certified Trainer and Master Coach of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming.). This expansive body of work provides powerful practices for developing personal effectiveness, in-depth processes for setting and reaching goals, tools for deepening self-awareness, and awareness of others for enriching effective communication.

Other areas of focus have been former Board Member and Volunteer Mentor with Alliance of Generations, co-creating a high school mentoring program for boys at Central Medford High School which offered both group mentoring circles and a unique form of mentoring where 2-3 mentors meet with one youth for 2 hours for an in depth connection and support from 2016-2019-20. Trainings included Suicide Prevention, Natural Learning Relationships on Optimal Childhood Development Phases and Growth, ACE Score Training, and Trauma Informed Care for Professionals Working with Youth offered by The Center for Adolescent Studies.

Meet Tom

Tom Shelstad, Empower Coach: After Grad-School, Tom trained and certified by IFC Accredited CTI (Coaches Training Institute) in 2005. He incorporates many modalities and tools: weaving 20 years of challenge course facilitation, leading self-discovery processes and bringing-in The Work of Byron Katie. Additionally, Tom is well versed in facilitating organizational and leadership development experiential training. Tom co-founded Inner Guide Expeditions in 2012, which provides experiential personal growth adventures for teens and adults. Tom’s focus is working with at-risk youth, mentoring teens, and parent coaching.

Meet Anna

Anna Sherman, Empower Coach:  Anna holds a B.A. in Communication and is a Certified Transition Guide through Liminal Space. Seven years in social work settings have informed Anna’s approach with those who desire to increase their quality of life and employability skills. Partnering with co-workers and supervisors from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, Anna has served adults with developmental disabilities and youth experiencing homelessness and sexual exploitation (the majority of whom identified as LGBTQ+), in pursuing their goals. She worked alongside youth exiting street life at Street Bean Espresso, an employment training program in Seattle, WA. In her former work, Anna participated in monthly all-staff meetings focused on Undoing Institutionalized Racism. The outcome of those meetings equipped Anna to engage in challenging conversations surrounding DEI topics. Anna has created and facilitated several half-day trainings for men and women in the construction industry focused on leadership, team building, collaboration, CliftonStrengths and the DiSC assessment. Provisionally (soon to be fully) Certified to teach the Community Resiliency Model ®, developed by the Trauma Resource Institute, Anna co-teaches the biologically based, evidence-informed set of wellness skills to support individuals to increase their resiliency. She embodies a growth mindset, is a voracious reader of HBR and Psychology Today, and applies best practices, approaching client work from a trauma-informed and resiliency-informed lens. Anna owns and operates Choose Kindness Daily.

Meet Trisha

Trisha Foster, Empower Launchpad Trainer: Trisha has over a decade of experience serving some of the most at risk youth and adults in the Rogue Valley. In addition to her B.S. in Psychology and Sociology, her years of experience within Domestic Violence Support and Advocacy, Children and Family Services, Parenting Education and her current work at Oregon State University have collectively provided her with excellent trainings on the topics of trauma-informed care and practices, ACEs, evidence based parenting education, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol, strategic planning, organizational equity and inclusion, high conflict resolution and many other topics that support her work as a trainer for Empower. Trisha’s proficiency in working with children and families who experience extensive, generational trauma provides Empower with a trainer who is comfortable in serving individuals who struggle with emotion regulation, maintaining relationships and employment, and have minimal social supports in their lives.  Trisha attends monthly workshops herself, on a variety of topics, through her work at Oregon State University and is constantly growing her own tools and resources to support others to the best of her ability. Trisha will also be a certified life coach by August 2021. She is working with ICF accredited, Coach Training World.

Meet Polly

Polly Farrimond, Empower Systems Virtual Assistant: Polly’s business background in business and education has been beneficial when structuring operational systems for Evolutionary Consulting.  She has completed psychology course work through Southern Oregon University and has extensive experience in leading individuals to attain their key performance indicators. She has hired and managed teams of individuals meeting and exceeding expected growth within the business model. Through work at the Oregon Employment Department, has gained extensive training in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Polly has years of experience developing systems and working models to meet and exceed growth projections. At Empower, Polly provides website management, database management, and contract reporting.