Life Coach

Ultimately, the Empower Life Coach is responsible to hold a consistent, intentional, and empowering space to help those we serve see their potential and live their best lives.

We expect the highest level of coaching, absolute professionalism, and a love for clients and contribution. All work is done on a contractor basis via phone or virtual platforms.

Through individualized coaching sessions our participants focus on areas they currently feel stuck and unable to make positive progress. Areas of focus may include stress, parenting, structure, anxiety, time management, conquering self-limiting beliefs, sticking with healthy habits, and more. Participants work with a Certified Professional Coach (that’s you!) who operates from a solution-focused platform while bringing together brain science, human behavior, trauma-informed care, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and research.

Participants expect to:

  • Engage in up to six, 45-minute coaching sessions over the phone
  • Receive follow-up emails with individualized action plans
  • Participate in coaching activities and fieldwork
  • Access thought-provoking and motivational information
  • Join monthly on-line workshops

Position Expectations:

  • Understand client demographics
  • Coach clients and maintain client load based on contract expectations
  • Manage coaching calendar with flexibility for client requests and missed sessions
  • Facilitate effective client sessions
  • Continue to learn and grow
  • Incorporate developmental suggestions and feedback
  • Professional communication with clients, Empower team, referring organization, etc.
  • Be open to change and be flexible
  • Attend monthly meetings ready to learn and contribute
  • Support Empower’s Cultural Manifesto (mission and core values)
  • Confidently coach on any topic and hold space for participants with diverse backgrounds
  • Master all necessary technology
  • Be organized and resourceful
  • Demonstrate leadership energy
  • Represent Empower well (adhere to professionalism)


  • Pertinent coaching qualifications, preferably endorsed by the International Coach Federation
  • Non-negotiable adherence to all pertinent ethical guidelines
  • Ability to encourage introspection, connection, and ambition
  • Outstanding verbal communication skills
  • Non-judgmental, reflective, and empathic
  • Decisive but amenable to change


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Certifications/trainings in ACEs, Trauma-Informed Care, A&D, LGBTQ
  • LatinX (Bi-lingual, Bi-Cultural)
  • Virtual Workshop Facilitation


  • Represent Empower as a trained professional generating good will, high emotional intelligence, and maintaining our positive reputation in the community
  • Teach and model useful emotional and behavioral regulation techniques
  • Collaborate with clients to develop action plans that center on the actualization of their stated ambitions
  • Help clients create practices that build self-awareness, self-care, self-love, and safe boundaries
  • Encourage and maintain resonate relationships with clients that continue and sustain growth
  • Actively participate in gathering feedback and testimonials from those you’ve served through Empower

To be considered for the position you must:

  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Provide proof of personal liability insurance
  • Be willing to serve as a Mandated Reporter, reporting incidents to the proper authorities if necessary


Empower’s Cultural Manifesto

Core Values

  • Excellence – We are highly trained and highly skilled coaches, trainers, and contributors. We strive for excellence as practitioners and what we offer to those we serve. We honor time commitments, energy commitments, client and contractual outcomes, communication with clients, each other, business and contractors (even when it’s hard).
  • Joy – Through joy and curiosity we bring our authentic selves to the work we do and lives we live. We seek joy on-purpose. Freedom and flexibility are biproducts of this work.
  • Empowerment – We believe unequivocally that those we coach and train, are creative, resourceful, equal, and whole. Through empowering relationships and highly trained skills, we assist others in self-awareness, choice, intention, and personal power.
  • We live the Genius of the AND. We are:
    • Creative and Disciplined
    • Innovation and Execution
    • Humility and Audacity
    • Freedom and Responsibility
    • Short-term and Long-term
    • Vulnerability and Courage
    • Analysis and Action
    • Individual and Team
    • Continuity and Change
    • Realistic and Visionary
    • Value and Results
    •  Purpose and Profit


To personally and professionally empower our clients, the organizations we proudly serve, and ourselves.

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals – AKA:Mission)

  •     To “Empower” as many people as possible
  •     To be #1 choice for workforce development partners for providing soft-skill and self-development services

We are an equal-opportunity employer. We do not consider race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status or disability. We strongly encourage diverse candidates to apply.

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